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Our Work

More than 91 years later, Franciscan Bread for the Poor, Inc. continues to serve the needy and the hungry on their daily breadline; they continue to light eyes afire with good food and, more importantly, with hope.


The St. Francis Breadline

You don’t have to look far to find people in need these days. With the skyrocketing costs of housing, food and heat, some of our brothers and sisters are struggling to feed themselves and their children. For more than 90 years, the St. Francis Breadline has provided meals to more than 400 men, women and children each morning. Every day  at 7 a.m., a line forms down 31st street in New York City. Each one of our guests receives a sandwich, a cup of coffee and a simple slice of cake. Many of them are homeless, disabled, veterans or just struggling to make ends meet.


Franciscan Deliver

Franciscans Deliver is a ministry of service to the poor, elderly, shut-ins, and anyone who has difficulty accessing services in our neighborhood. Every week, our members choose which grocery items they want, and then our volunteers pack and deliver their order to their front door. We believe that client choice—members choosing the items they want—enhances a person’s dignity.. Our food is top-quality and we ensure that our members are offered a variety of meats, cereals, fresh produce, eggs, milk, coffee, and dessert every week. But the best and most important thing this great team of volunteers delivers is the joyful spirit of St. Francis. For many, the weekly visits of our volunteers are the most rewarding and meaningful part of our ministry.


Volunteer Opportunities

We are a hard-working team of diverse men and women working in partnership with the Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Province. We are committed to spreading Franciscan joy to all that we serve. Join us! Our main prerequisite is that you must be a compassionate, fun-loving person of compassion, who is willing to have fun while ministering to those in need. There are many opportunities for volunteering on the breadline or delivering groceries.

* We need people in front of the church at 6:45 a.m. to hand out food and serve coffee. We also need volunteers to organize and maintain a clean environment in the food pantry, answer phone calls, and pack and deliver groceries to our members. Our volunteer team is important to us, and our primary goals are to enjoy what we are doing, to have fun, and to build up our volunteer community.

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