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November 27, 2021

Dear St. Jude, Please pray for myself, Barbara. I have a daughter who has disowned me. I was a loving, caring mother who did everything for her and kept her healthy and safe growing up. Unfortunately, she was blind-sided by her father who never gave her structure and had no rules set in place for her. I co-signed her student loan and she has not kept up to date with it. She is 27 years old now and the student loan financial service is after me. Her father would not have anything to do with a college loan. I am so afraid they will garnish my payrcheck. My credit score has also plummeted down around 250 points. I need prayers St. Jude. Erica needs to see that what she is doing is so wrong and she needs to come to terms I was always that loving, caring, nurturing parent. She only saw me as being mean and cruel to her. When God blesses us with children, we have the most important job position to take care of and protecting our children from harm's way. She just hates me for trying to protect her up when she was growing up,. Imagine? Erica had a very nice childhood and was spoiled by me.
She has turned into a very ungrateful adult. Erica is a lost soul in my eyes. Please pray for Erica and also myself that she will see the light and realize how much she is hurting me and become a responsible adult and start paying her student loan back. Erica has not been in my life for many years too which no one can understand because I took pristine care of her. We are all baffled and it is very incomprehensible. I am sad and heart-broken over all of this and ultimately very scared as well. Thank you for your prayers. God Bless all of you who are praying for me. I truly and really do appreciate this from the bottom of my heart. Have a blessed day.

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